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commitment to quality

Accurate Molded Products' commitment to quality and
continuous improvement is evident in every aspect of our operation.

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Commitment to Quality

Accurate Molded Products commitment to quality and continuous improvement is evident in every aspect of our operation. Since our founding 1994, every operational system was crafted to be ISO compliant, preparing for eventual certification. Accurate Molded Products achieved that certification in October 2002, and has maintained that certification ever since.

Customer satisfaction is the key to any successful organization continued growth and prosperity. Every department at AMP operates on the premise of improving customer satisfaction in some manner, every day. We will provide potential customers with access to our numerous preferred supplier awards and customer satisfaction / performance ratings.

ISO Registration # US1683

Mission Statement

Our existence depends upon our service, quality and dedication to our customers. Our job is to see that you are satisfied, and we are confident that we can accomplish this goal.

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Accurate Molded Products, Inc. is a full service injection molder offering product development assistance, domestic and offshore tooling partners coupled with assembly and packaging services. Our corporate philosophy drives our organization to provide superior quality products and exemplary customer service at the lowest possible cost. We currently serve a discerning group of clients in the medical, electrical, industrial, water treatment, hardware and consumer markets. We have over the course of the last ten years, produced over 3.5 Billion molded parts for our clients.  

Incorporated in 1994 in an 11,000 square foot facility in Warwick, Rhode Island, rapid growth took us to 22,000 square feet in a few short years. In mid 2005, it became necessary to find a larger, more suitable space and the decision to relocate was made.  With an empty 34,000 square foot space available to us, we were able to design and build a new molding facility that will accommodate our growth as we continue to refine and expand the company for the future.

Molding Machines
Square Feet of Manufacturing Space
Years of Experience
Billion Parts Molded


Injection Molding

Accurate Molded Products is continuously upgrading our molding technology utilizing both computer controlled and high efficiency servo driven molding machines. We operate seventeen molding machines ranging from 75 ton to 400-ton clamp capacity with 3 oz. to 48 oz. shot capacity, many with closed loop process control. All molding machines are supported by an assortment of auxiliary equipment to assist us in processing a broad range of engineering and commodity materials. This equipment includes desiccant dryers up to 100 lb. /hr capacity, oil based mold-heating systems for high temperature plastics, mold chillers and standard water mold heating systems. All machines are linked to a real time production monitoring system that provides continuous process monitoring. This system allows us to monitor all production related activities, order status, material usage and production efficiency.  

Product Development

At Accurate Molded Products Inc., we have the plastic design experts in house that can assist our customers in creating robust product designs with a focus on cost effectiveness using the latest technologies and equipment for design and manufacturing. We use the latest version of SolidWorks design software for our product and mold development.

With finalized product designs, we submit the final product design and detailed mold specification sheet to our domestic and/or offshore tooling sources for quotation. At the successful completion of the quotation process and with the authorization to proceed, a fully detailed mold design will be created to our specifications and is prepared for our customer’s approval (when desired). First article samples are produced at mold completion and are submitted for approval to our Quality Dept. then submitted to our customer for approval with the appropriate inspection documents.


The principals and staff of Accurate Molded Products have been molding plastic components since the early 70’s. Our experience in the processing of engineering and commodity grade thermoplastics material is thorough and extensive as the list below.

  • ABS
  • ABS/PC Alloy
  • Acetal
  • Acrylic
  • Acrylic Copolymers
  • ASA
  • Conductive Compounds
  • CPVC
  • Dissipative Compounds
  • Nylon, All Types
  • PC/PBT
  • PC/PET
  • Polycarbonate
  • Polyester
  • Polyethylene
  • Polyphenylene Oxide
  • Polyphenylene Sulfide
  • Polyphthalamide
  • Polypropylene
  • Polystyrene
  • Polysufone
  • Polyurethane
  • Polyvinylchloride
  • SAN
  • Thermally Conductive Compounds
  • Thermoplastic Elastomers
  • Thermoplastic Rubber


The foundation of a product’s quality over its expected life cycle begins with a robust product and tool design. Using the latest in computer aided design technology coupled with our product development assistance, experience in mold design, construction and repair, we have proven to be a valued asset to our customers.

Whether it’s rebuilding an existing tool, adopting an existing tool, or assisting in the design and construction of a multi-tool program, we have the experience and resources to bring your program to successful completion.

Our well equipped in house tool shop is dedicated to the maintenance and repair of our customers tooling and our internal product / process improvement initiatives. In recognition of global competition, we have secure partnerships with offshore tooling partners to provide us with high quality low cost tooling. Every foreign sourced tool will be sampled in its country of origin. Production samples will be sent to our customer with appropriate inspection documents for approval prior to the release of the tool for shipment. Upon arrival, our tool shop will evaluate all incoming tools and prepare them for domestic production.

Value Added Services

Accurate Molded Products has the ability to provide an extensive line of value added services available as listed below.

  • Annealing
  • Manual Component
  • Assembly
  • Tapping and
  • Threading
  • Ultrasonic Welding
  • Ultrasonic Insertion
  • Ultrasonic and Heat Staking
  • Cold Heading
  • Mechanical Assembly
  • Silk Screening
  • Packaging

We use work cell manufacturing techniques for post molding secondary operations. Work Cell configurations can be a single step or a complex multi step assembly, packaging and labeling operation. All post molding operations are designed to be efficient and cost effective.

Mold Adoption Program

In today’s competitive atmosphere, a low cost, reliable, customer oriented supplier that can deliver high quality products and services is a valuable resource. If you are seeking such a supplier, Accurate Molded Products Inc. has a Mold Adoption Program that will assist you in transferring your molding programs to us from an under-performing molding supplier. We have the experience, resources and an in house tool shop that can be dedicated to taking in adopted tooling and seamlessly integrating them into our production operation.



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